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Singland Strategic Global Media operates in conjunction with BPII Group and its eCommerce enabled Consortium @ Qcircle. Together  with Infocomm SG Consortium, it brings about new media solutions for today’s digital challenges. We provide a Strategic Globalisation Plan for entrepreneurs and professionals to transform themselves and be digital ready for a new frontier of growth.

All participants / clienteles are provided with a Consortium Plan as a value addon to their competencies and businesses.

Education, Business and Professional Service Providers | Solution Developers | Solution Learners can create their own digital value chain and financial portfolio at the eConsortium. Qcircle is open for participation by Consortium Plan.

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Solutions and Enterprise Programs.
All participants will be registered as a Qualified Client User on enrolment and rewarded with an appropriate upgrade of a eCommerce Consortium Plan for self-actualisation of returns on completion

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Solution Gateways, Qcircle Accredited Induction Program

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Value add-on Qcircle Awards and participation at its eConsortium

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Value add-on Qcircle Awards and participation at its eConsortium

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Value Chain Creation by Specialisation.
Over 500 eBrands and businesses for development
Digitally connected and awarded with eConsortium Plan for Reward

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Singland Strategic Global Media is a eConsortium Partner @ Qcircle
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