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Be a Business Owner | eConsortium Partner Award and Reward

Select a Consortium Plan. The Plan allocates privileges and financial rewards. All participants are digitally connected to Qcircle and a Knowledge Domain to advance their competencies.

Set up a eCommerce Consortium Plan
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  • Affiliates Reward
  • Immediate Job and business Setup
  • Associates Reward
  • New Profession and Career Award
  • Corporates Reward
  • Business and Regional Host Award
  • Partners Reward
  • Strategic Value Chain and Award

Category 1 :  Get Started | Anywhere | Anytime
Be a Qualified Client User. Progress at own pace

eConsortium Partnership | Consortium Plan


Get a Starters Plan. Our Job and Biz Advisor can guide you in your digital growth endeavour

Basic or Entrepreneurial Plus

Category 2 :  Affiliate Set-up for
immediate job and business

Flexible Job and Business Set-up Plan

Qualified Affiliate

Professional Affiliate

Business Affiliate

Category 3 : Quick Business Affiliate Set up
with choice of

Develop your competencies and businesses with a specialty portfolio

Self actualisation of financial reward
Advance at your own place and pace

Ask your Qcircle Job | Biz Advisor

Professional Associate

Corporate Host

Global Partner