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Be a Business Owner | eConsortium Partner Award and Reward

Select a Consortium Plan. The Plan allocates privileges and financial rewards. All participants are digitally connected to Qcircle and a Knowledge Domain to advance their competencies.

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  • Affiliates Reward
  • Immediate Job and business Setup
  • Associates Reward
  • New Profession and Career Award
  • Corporates Reward
  • Business and Regional Host Award
  • Partners Reward
  • Strategic Value Chain and Award

Category 1 :  Get Started | Anywhere | Anytime
Be a Qualified Client User. Progress at own pace

eConsortium Partnership | Consortium Plan

Qcircle | The eConsortium

For all who are desirious to be part of Qcircle and its growth process. Unique value addon Consortium Plan offer :
  • Establish a new job, career or business
  • Enhance your competencies or existing businesses

Get connected to explore with a Starters Plan
An Online Job and Business Advisor will assist to meet your need or guide your progression at the Consortium.


Get a Starters Plan. Our Job and Biz Advisor can guide you in your digital growth endeavour

Basic or Entrepreneurial Plus

Category 2 :  Affiliate Set-up for
immediate job and business

Flexible Job and Business Set-up Plan

For all investors, business owners, education, business and professional service providers who are desirous to be part of Qcircle and its eConsortium Ecosystem for growth together.

Qcircle hosts a range of diverse business entities and series of internationally recognised domain brands for participants to strategically align themselves to the new era of digital economy. Uniquely, it helps partipants to build their own job and business portfolio.

All participants are digitally connected to a distinctive domain brand at the eConsortium for cooperative business innovation and development worldwide. In the process, members create among themselves jobs and businesses and a strategic value chain for provision of each other core competencies and specialty services in the eConsortium.

The eConsortium enables members to co-exist and partner with one another in a one trusted platform with eCommerce reward. Participation is by subscription of a Consortium Financial Plan. The Plan allocates privileges and rewards.

 Get  a head-start with an Affiliate Plan @ Qcircle and advance at your own pace. You will be allocated with a customised role task with ecommence enabled product lines at Qcircle as your value-addon services. 

Qualified Affiliate

Professional Affiliate

Business Affiliate

Category 3 : Quick Business Affiliate Set up
with choice of

Develop your competencies and businesses with a specialty portfolio

Select a specialty interest to get started.

Upgrade Financial Plan. ePartners (namely Associates or Corporates) can create strategic value chains @ the eConsortium for the provision of their core businesses worldwide. They will be allocated with a customised role task with ecommence product lines as their value-addon services to advance their core competencies and businesses.

Self actualisation of financial reward
Advance at your own place and pace

Ask your Qcircle Job | Biz Advisor

Qcircle eConsortium Partnership

Becoming a Job | Biz Advisor, Education, Business or Professional Service Prvoiders?

  1. Interested participants are welcome to fill in the below form to request for the creation of a digital value chain at the eConsortium Ecosystem. Choose a knowledge domain category and proposed a preferred specialty domain for brand / ePartnership. (Please refer to “Brand” for choice selection )
  2. Other applicants including Starters/ Affiliates with a preferred Qcircle Consultant/Mentor, the Referral Code is the Consultant/Mentor’s membership numbers. For direct application please enter 002211. A Qcircle Consultant / Mentor will be allocated to guide your progression.

Professional Associate

Corporate Host

Global Partner