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Singland SGM is eConsortium Partner @ Qcircle. It has open innovation paradigm for all to find their own fit.  It provides self-directed development and opportunities for purposeful participation in the eConsortium.

You can participate as a Service / Solution Provider or a Solution Learner / Clientele.
Need any help at all? Get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to support you as best as we can.

Members  who possess special expertise, professional qualification or have acquired a new competency certification can apply to include other specialty programs in their portfolio of services. Members can also submit their programs for accreditation and integration with Qcircle.

Non-members are welcome to submit an application with details of their prior attainments and or business plan for pathway entry.

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545 Orchard Road #11-12
Singapore 23882

Australia Office

524 Hay Street, Ground Level
Perth WA 6000

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