Mentoring Programs

Are you Qualified? Get Certified

Be distinguished as Qcircle Certified for service.

Create a job or a business with a Specialisation.

Why certified with Qcircle?

    • Creation of job and business to suit your interest and life style choice at Qcircle.
    • Affiliation with internationally recognised brand in ready marketplaces
    • Value add your work and business with Qcircle Knowledge Ecosystem
    • Good financial returns with “Learn. Share. Earn” scheme.

Mentoring Members Plan :

The Mentoring Members Plan is designed as a cooperative initiative. The service is provided by Certifed Qcircle Mentors to assist a fellow Qualified Members to upgrade themselves and be affiliated for career advancement or doing business within Qcircle BPII platform.

Members have a choice of three program plans to suit their interest and area of specialisation to advance themselves.

Opportunities and Privileges :

The Mentorship program offers members the opportunity to be distinguished as a Certified Professional or Registry Member with specialisation for service at Qcircle. Members are trained to promote and deliver the unique Qcircle Ecosystem as their value added services.

All Certified Members and Registry Members are empowered by Qcircle Global Education and Business Development Portal in their growth process. Members in reciprocity promote Qcircle Ecosystem as their value added services in the delivery of their core competency or businesses.

Qcircle Affiliation and Registry Program Plan for the self actualisation of business returns are allocated based on the choice of plan selected.

Getting Certified with a Mentoring Program :


  • Certifying Professionals. Becoming an Affiliation Member
  • Choice of job and career
    development. Mentorship and
    directed learning.
  • Qcircle Certified Professional
    as an Affiliation Member
    with choice specialistion.


  • Certifying Businesses. Becoming a Registry Member.
  • Choice of Registry Plan
    and business development.
    Mentorship and directed learning..
  • Qcircle Certified Business
    as a Consortium Registry Member
    with choice specialisation.


  • For Members to be Qcircle Certified Professional / Mentor.
  • Practical life and mentoring skill set
    development. Directed
    learning and internship.
  • Qcircle Certified
    Professional / Mentor as an
    Affiliation Member at Qcircle.